Objectives and why it is preferable to write them

Have goals in life is important. 

In fact for many experts deemed fundamental, since they allow us to set a destination and thus focus our energies on their achievement. Because a life without a goal ends up being a life empty. 

Some will have clear goals in the long term and others on the other hand will have modest goals in the short term but the important thing is to have a goal. Feel that every step we take daily leads to something that we seek and also the way that we walk “have heart” that is the path where you want to be. 


Many times, when I speak of goals with my clients, I am faced with the question is it necessary to write them? In paper by hand? So I’ve decided to answer the whys in public.


There are multiple studies that explain the multiple advantages of do it by hand also allows us to improve the awareness of what we are doing and to organize thoughts much better during the process. Therefore we await hand better than if write it in any electronic format. Write them regardless of the format in itself same already is better than nothing.

Detail various advantages of writing your objective:

  • You will think about them awhile having to capture the thoughts in a paper while you organize them and give form and structure.
  • In the paper you will generate more questions that need answers.
  • Give it more value to the selective attention and in this way the brain will guide you towards them. The SAR is “cerebral gps” that takes us to pay more attention to the things that are important to us. How when you want to buy a new car and suddenly you see it on the street when before had gone unnoticed.
  • You will notice if you feel capable of achieving them with your skills, competencies and current knowledge and if you will not understand in that the person you become to achieve those goals and acquire whatever you need. You will develop self-efficacy required to believe in yourself. Either by checking that you have what you need or feeling able to get it, thanks to your action plan.
  • Why allows you to create a plan of action to get them, inevitably, while enjoying a creative process of trial and error. Having a plan will take a record of what works and what not and you will inevitably bring closer to your destination.
  • While you managing you get to feel more motivated that you will drive to go beyond and discover new goals and targets. Once we reach the mountain look more parts of the forest and appear before us new horizons.
  • And in this process you will gain self-esteem and confidence you believe more in yourself and your abilities. What inevitably will make you feel much more happy and full.

And you, what do you think of writing your goals? Do you dare to do it?

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