Online Poker Routine – Cash/S&G/Spin&Go (English Subtitled HD Video)

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In this 1-hour video, you will find 9 habits that will help you become more focused, motivated and committed to poker. Build them in a fun and effective way.

These habits will help you develop a professional, solid, and efficient work routine, which will allow you to achieve maximum performance during cash online sessions.

Useful for any type of game that will allow us to move away from the tables every 1h/1h 30 minutes, such as Cash, S&G or Spins.

By building these habits, you will improve your attitude towards poker sessions, helping you regain the fun and pleasure to play. Your concentration and motivation will improve, reducing episodes of tilt, and becoming more productive and able to develop your best game for longer in your Cash Online sessions. By building habits, you will improve your self-esteem and confidence in yourself, which will grow day by day in a stable and lasting way.

I will help you create a work routine where you can implement habits through 3 phases: warmup, gaming, and cooling.

In short, everything you need to know to have a solid base on which to support your poker days.

Are you ready?

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Useful for any type of game that allows us to move away from the tables every 1h/1h 30 minutes such as Cash, S&G or Spins.

In this video, I will tell you about 9 powerful habits to develop a solid, efficient, and professional poker routine.

Do you miss having fun with poker? Are you tired of sitting and feeling like you are wasting your time? Is it hard for you to reach your goals at end of the month? Do you feel unmotivated, lacking perseverance or unfocused?

The fundamental difference between players who reach their goals and those left behind are daily habits.

Thank you for use these habits you improve your attitude before the sessions of poker making that you recover the fun and the pleasure to play. You improve concentration and motivation, reduce episodes of tilt, you will be more productive and will be able to develop your best game for longer in your Cash Online sessions. Establishing habits, you improve the self-esteem and confidence in yourself, which will grow day by day in a stable and lasting way. 

You will also learn to build habits, improving your self-esteem and self-confidence, which will grow day by day in a stable and lasting way.

Listen to a sample of what you’ll find inside!

The video is one-hour long and you will also receive extra material that will provide you with additional information, a guide on how and when to practice each habit and an example of a log notebook and how to create it.

The work routine seeks to organize 9 habits through the three typical phases, which are before, during and after playing.

So I have created a system which you can manage yourself, to keep track on how those new habits are sinking in, as if it were a game, reaching goals. I want you to have fun and improve, because if you’re not having fun you’re less likely to stick with it.

Remember that if you cannot measure it, it cannot be changed.

9 habits, and what each of them provides you:

1) Clothes. A habit that will help you get involved by facilitating the task, become more motivated and favoring focus.

(2) Quality time. Awareness to fight against distractions before play and stopping self-sabotage. All this with a change of attitude based on awareness.

(3) Organization of the work environment. Useful to decrease the mental wear and tear prior to the session, so you don’t end up living in a dump.

(4) The 3 questions. A habit that promotes motivation, commitment to the task, and self-determination.

(5) Read the Summary Sheet. Fundamental to study and promote processes of improvement at the technical level, studying in a dynamic, active, fun and consistent manner…

(6) Visualization. Habit known to encourage future states, in this case oriented to flow, which is the maximum level of concentration and commitment. In that state, you’ll regain the joy you felt playing poker.

(7) Physicality and smile. To enhance the emotions at the tables, focus and attitude in daily sessions.

(8) Active meditation – Mindfulness. To improve concentration and emotional management. A habit I recommend even when brushing your teeth.

(9) Log notebook. The cornerstone is a self-record which will help you measure progress and keep the motivation to incorporate the habits that you choose. The focus will then center on daily work and not the financial outcome.

These are the 9 habits that we set on the three phases of the routine: warmup, game and cooling.

The video also explains what a habit is, how to build it and helps you to manage the weekly sessions.

Join the players who lead their lives!

The package that you have purchased contains:

  • A 65-minute walkthrough video on the Wistia platform.
  • An index indicating the specific minute where each of the sections begins.
  • The commitment box in pdf format, for print and filling out.
  • An explanatory pdf with the habits organized in warmup, game and cooling phases.
  • A pdf with a visual example of a log notebook.
  • A pdf with links to the extra material that is referenced on the video. (You can have it for Free, is not included in the price)
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