Routine Cash Online
Online Poker Routine – Cash/S&G/Spin&Go (English Subtitled HD Video)

In this 1-hour video, you will find 9 habits that will help you become more focused, motivated and committed to poker. Build them in a fun and effective way.

These habits will help you develop a professional, solid, and efficient work routine, which will allow you to achieve maximum performance during cash online sessions.

Useful for any type of game that will allow us to move away from the tables every 1h/1h 30 minutes, such as Cash, S&G or Spins.

By building these habits, you will improve your attitude towards poker sessions, helping you regain the fun and pleasure to play. Your concentration and motivation will improve, reducing episodes of tilt, and becoming more productive and able to develop your best game for longer in your Cash Online sessions. By building habits, you will improve your self-esteem and confidence in yourself, which will grow day by day in a stable and lasting way.

I will help you create a work routine where you can implement habits through 3 phases: warmup, gaming, and cooling.

In short, everything you need to know to have a solid base on which to support your poker days.

Are you ready?

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